Activities & Info

In accordance with the Zoomarine’s basic principles (Education, Science, Conservation and Entertainment), the Educational Department continuously develops a series of educational options aimed for all our visitors, no matter age or background.
According to each school level and participation dynamics, these educational programmes are based on three different categories:
  • Didactic Presentations
  • Guided Tours
  • Educational Sessions
The didactic presentations and guided tours take place at the stadiums and/or zoological areas of Zoomarine and are conduced by the educational team, with access to amplification equipment (whenever needed) and with the presence of some zoological specimens and well-being professionals (trainers, biologists, veterinaries and so forth). According to each programme, the educational team has access to support materials for a better content exposure and integration.
All these programmes are constructed and implemented according to five main key-concepts: morphology; distribution; nutritional requirements and habits; reproduction; and conservation of species/habitats/ecosystems.

Registration in the Pedagogical database (schools and teachers)
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