Ocean Patrol


A summer smell, in double mode!
Summer is slow to arrive but you are eager to have that long-awaited full day at Zoomarine? So, why not aim for two days?

The "Ocean Patrol" programme takes you on a journey to experience Zoomarine over the weekend, even before the summer holidays. And, aside from all the fun you already get by visiting Zoomarine, we aim to make you feel part of our team that takes daily care of all the animals in the aquarium.

Among all the Zoomarine's overwhelming emotions, explore the backstage of one of the most fantastic and unknown areas of the park - the Oceanus aquarium! In sum, become a true specialist of the life of the oceans!

Calendar and Timetable:

  • The group is made of a maximum of 12 participants between the ages of 8 and 12;
  • The program runs Saturday and Sunday;
  • The time is from 09:30 to 18:00!

Save the Dates:

  • May: 26 and 27;
  • June: 02 and 03; 09 and 10; 16 and 17.


What's included?
  • Participant's insurance;
  • Recreational activities;
  • Daily food (two snacks and lunch);
  • Educational activities;
  • Continuous monitoring by the team of monitors;
  • Backstage visit to the aquarium;
  • Fun!
What should participants bring with them:
  • Hat; Bathing suit; Beach towel; Sunscreen;
  • Appropriate clothes to the time of the year;
  • Specific medication (if applicable);
  • Good mood (mandatory)!


Participation Rules
It is mandatory to comply with all the participating rules of the Summer Camp programme "Ocean Patrol". For more information or reservations, please contact our educational department:  atl@zoomarine.pt or 289 560 315