Our Mission


Promote knowledge, preservation and environmental education in a fun and passionate way.

Transporting adults and children to a world of dream and fantasy, creating unique emotions and sensations that touch hearts and awaken mentalities.


  • Provide unique experiences that create a link with nature and awaken the passion to learn. Make today's youth into tomorrow's knowledgeable adults.


  • Transport adults and children to a world of adventure and fantasy. Awaken smiles, dream and bring emotions to life.


  • Understand, raise awareness and actively participate in the conservation and preservation of the life of the oceans, their species and their habitats.


  • Investigate, learn and share the secrets of ocean life. Promote knowledge, integrating and collaborating with scientific, national and international communities.


  • Forging bonds and strengthening roots with our community, valuing individuals and actively contributing to economic and social development.

Our Vision

Zoomarine Algarve aims to be a beacon of inspiration and education in Portugal and the world, CONNECTING people to the fascinating marine world and promoting ocean conservation for future generations.

Our vision is a world where the grandeur of the oceans and the richness of marine life are appreciated and respected.

We are committed to creating memorable and educational experiences for our visitors, while also striving to be leaders in sustainability and good environmental practices.

We constantly seek to reduce our environmental impact, support the preservation of coastal ecosystems and actively contribute to marine research and conservation.

And as an educational theme park, we aspire to raise awareness among everyone to adopt sustainable practices and collaborate towards a healthier and more balanced future for our planet and its oceans, for species and their habitats.

Because Together, We Protect!

Our Values

They Help Us To Guide Our Strategy, In Line With Our Mission And Vision

  • We embrace continuous improvement
  • We bet on Leadership and Commitment
  • We value the spirit of initiative and innovation
  • We demonstrate a positive attitude with good sense and a sense of responsibility
  • We believe in Personal Development and demonstrating Competence
  • We support each other in Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration, to develop Teamwork
  • Being effective and more efficient we will achieve excellence