Frequently Asked

The Dolphin Emotions experiences will be held at Zoomarine's most recent habitat, called Lagoa Azul, access to which is reserved for participants and those accompanying them..

In order to participate in the experiences, you must:

  • Be at least eight years old;
  • Not be pregnant;
  • Know how to swim;
  • Be in good physical shape and not suffer from any serious physical or psychological limitations (as this may limit the capacity to fully understand instructions and/or perform the aquatic activities).

Yes. Zoomarine will provide a wet-suit or neoprene vest (in the summer). Participants must wear a swimsuit. The use of a t-shirt is optional.

Objects on the body are not allowed in the lagoon. These include earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, piercings, bracelets, hair ties, beads in the hair or on the swimsuit, glasses, hard contact lenses and other ojects that could be abrasive.
All these objects can be placed in individual lockers prior to the experience..

Yes, depending on the behaviour to be performed, the participants will be in areas of variable depths (between 0,6 e 5,5 meters)

No, provided that all the rules of the experience are followed in terms of safety and behaviour and previous instructions are also respected.

The experiences will run whenever Zoomarine is open to the public, except in extreme weather conditions.

Children under 1,00 meter of height may attend for free as spectators accompanying the participant. Any additional spectators must purchase a specific ticket.

The Dolphin Emotions experiences must be booked through the electronic ticketing on or in Zoomarine theme park. Spread across the Algarve is also a vast network of official Zoomarine agents that could make such reservation.
For more information, you can contact us by phone and fax: (+351) 289560306 / (+351) 289560309 or email

Including the training sessions, the time it takes to change and the session itself, the participants will be occupied for around 90 minutes. The time spent in the water is around 30 minutes.

Children must be at least 8 years old.
They must bring their identity card or passport as a proof of their age.

Yes, for health and safety reasons, both for the customer and for Zoomarine.

Yes, the accompanying spectators can film or take photographs, but only from the area reserved for them. However, Zoomarine will film and take photographs of the experience, which may be purchased at the end of the experience.

Yes, it is recommended to the participants to avoid heavy meals before the experience, once it involves constant physical activity in the water.

Depending on time of year, the water temperature varies between 18º C and 24º C.

Yes. Each participant will have to buy a specific unit ticket.

Entrance to Zoomarine theme park is included in the participants ticket and the accompanying spectators ticket on the day of the experience.
The visitor who has already purchased the ticket to the Theme Park, can buy indoors the Accompanying Spectator ticket by single price of €2.00 (sold only inside the park).

Ideally, the reservation should be made 1 month in advance, however, you can always confirm the availability for any specific day through the telephone and fax numbers: (+351) 289560306 / (+351) 289560309 or email:

Additional Informations

Additional Informations

In case of need and to clarify doubts regarding the Dolphin Emotions Experiences,
do not hesitate to contact us.

Dolphin Emotions Experiences Booking Office
Tel: (+351) 289 560 306 | Fax: (+351) 289 560 309