Cancellation, Refunds and No Show Policies

1. Cancelation deadline

Cancelations must be made two days prior to the date on the ticket.

In the cases where no cancellation was made and the client did not show there will be no refund.

2. Cancelation charge

Cancelations made up until two days prior to the date on the ticket (until 5 pm of the second day prior to the date on the ticket) are possible with a cancelation charge of 8% of the total ticket price.

3. Refund deadline

All refunds will be made within 14-days of your cancelation.

4. Cancelation and refund through credit card (through UNICRE/MEOWallet system) or Paypal

Credit card payments (Unicre/MEOWallet system) or payments made through Paypal will be refunded directly to the credit card or Paypal account used to make the payment.

Cancelation requests must be sent by e-mail to and must contain the following information:

  • Electronic ticket number
  • Card holder's name or the Paypal account holder's name