Coconut River

(Open from 1st of June until 30th September)

An innovative and giant aquatic ride, perfect for the whole family.

A slow river will take you through a 400mt course, surrounded by an idyllic scenery: tropical vegetation, flanked by cliffs and gorges over 8 meters high from where refreshing waterfalls run.

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  • Visitors must observe at all times the safety recommendations applicable when entering each attraction and follow any indications given by the Park staff.
  • Whenever there are equipment regulation requirements, children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • For hygiene reasons we highly recommend the use of t-shirt, on the amusement rides and during the 4D cinema session.

 Compulsory to wear a swimsuit

 Mandatory use of float vest (PFD) on children under 1.10mt (3.9 ft)

 Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult on the same floater

Please read next to the attraction all the safety measures and rules to follow.

  • The instructions given by the park employees must be followed, reserving the right to refuse entry to a certain attraction for security reasons.
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  • In some attractions and amusements you will get wet. Keep the most important objects.