The Programme

Also starting with an educational talk, imparting various facts about the bottlenose dolphin, its biology and ecology, the Dolphin Emotions Exclusive experience is a completely private experience, where 2 participants, under the supervision of a trainer, can enjoy moments of pure emotion with the fantastic dolphins.

During the whole experience, participants are accompanied by an instructor who will be able to answer your questions.

Including the educational session, the time spent getting changed and the session in the water, the total duration of the experience is approximately 90 minutes.

This experience is also recorded, with a video and photo album offered to participants at the end.


These are some of the aquatic behaviors that can be accomplished during the experience.

The Waltz The Waltz
Handpush Handpush
Dorsal Ride Dorsal Ride
Footpush Footpush

Prices & Tickets

Dolphin Emotions Exclusive Participants

General information
  • Theme park admittance included in the participant ticket.
  • Each participant will need to purchase a ticket specifically for one of the experiences.
  • Minimum age of participation: 8 years old;
  • Necessary to present identity card or passport as a proof of the participants age.
  • Children under 1,00 meter of height may attend for free as spectators accompanying the participant.
  • Advanced booking required (minimum 24 hours before the experience).
  • It is mandatory to follow all the participation rules! Check beforehand.

Acompanying Spectators

Junior >= 1 meter - 10 years

23,00 € 20,70 €

Normal 11 - 64 years

31,00 € 27,90 €

Spectator >= 65 years

23,00 € 20,70 €

Participation Rules

Who can take part?
Who can take part?

In order to take part in any of the experiences you must:

  • Be eight years old or over;
  • Know how to swim and be in good physical shape;

For safety reasons the following people cannot participate in any of the experiences:

  • pregnant women, people with strong physical or mental disabilities (as this may limit the capacity to fully understand instructions and/or perform the aquatic activities), people with skin disorders, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, people with hydrophobia, people with any other condition which may compromise the participant or the dolphins’ well-being.
Main requirements to be respected
Main requirements to be respected
  • Be at the Dolphin Emotions reservation stand 45 minutes before the start of the session in order to register and become familiar with the rules of participation (delays are not refundable).
  • Remove all personal objects such as: earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, hard contact lenses, glasses, photo and video cameras, hair accessories or any other object that can cause the dolphins harm either by ingestion or abrasion.
  • Wear a wetsuit or neoprene vest (provided by Zoomarine), underneath the wetsuit, one should wear bathing suit (use of a t-shirt is optional)
  • Take a shower with the wetsuit on (remove all make-up).
  • Fully respect all instructions given by Zoomarine staff.
  • Treat all dolphins with respect, avoiding any attitude or behaviour which may cause stress or injury to the specimen.
  • Keep a quiet and calm attitude at all time.
Commercial Information
Commercial Information
  • Each participant will need to purchase a ticket specifically for one of the experiences.
  • Entrance to Zoomarine theme park is included in the participants ticket.
  • The visitor who has already purchased the ticket to the Theme Park, can buy indoors the Accompanying Spectator ticket by single price of €2.00 (sold only inside the park).
  • Children under 1,00 meter of height may attend for free as spectators accompanying the participant.
  • The spectators will watch from a location adjacent to the lagoon where the session takes place.
  • Spectators will not have access to the dolphins.
  • Zoomarine reserves the right to use the participant’s images of the Dolphin Emotions. The captured images will be used, exclusively, in a video/dvd/photos production to be commercialised to those participants.
Cancellations and non-attendance policy
Cancellations and non-attendance policy
  • All reservations must be cancelled with 2 days notice (until 5pm on the second day before the reservation).
  • All participants should arrive at least 45 minutes before the start of the session.
  • In the event of non-attendance by a participant (arriving 45 minutes before the start) with the reservation not having been cancelled beforehand (with 2 days notice), the full amount will be charged and no refunds will be possible.
  • Should Zoomarine be obliged to terminate the experience, due to climatic, technical or zoological reasons, we reserve the right to postpone the session or transfer it to another date. If the participant is unavailable at the new time, he or she will be reimbursed for the cost of the program.
Additional Informations

Additional Informations

In case of need and to clarify doubts regarding the Dolphin Emotions Experiences,
do not hesitate to contact us.

Dolphin Emotions Experiences Booking Office
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